About Us!

Who We Are?



Who We Are!

We are a group of college friends that are looking to connect with other hobbyists and create our own sports cards community through group style breaks. We have been breaking cards since back in college, and just felt like it was time to try and take our passion to the next level. Our goal is to try and give our customers access to sports cards however they choose to collect.

Our vision

Our vision is to focus on creating a loyal following through our consistent processes and delivering on our promises. We are excited to have the opportunity to build a strong network of other sports cards enthusiast’s that share the same passion and energy for the sports card industry as we do.

Our Livestream

Please check out our live stream and join in with other sports cards collectors as we talk sports, open cards, and grow our personal collections.  Please consider subscribing below and joining the Blue Ridge Family! 


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Our Team

The Team



RJ Cardente

My slogan, Cardente for Presidente didn’t work well for the senior class election, but it does bode well for a strong introduction. I have been collecting since I was born. Growing up on each birthday I was gifted a complete Topps baseball set as a birthday present. As I grew older, I became a Ken Griffey Jr. and Sacramento Kings collector. During normal working hours you can find me giving financial advice to my clients. I am a big fantasy sports and Coldplay fan.


Landon Turner

My friends call me the god father because most of my friends owe me money. I have been collecting since college. I am a big Select guy, and PC Joe Burrow. Professionally I am Pharmacist. In my free time I enjoy smoking meat and raising my 4 girls.